It feels like yesterday. Except it was 3 years ago. It was the same place, Copenhagen airport, the same day, 29th of July and the same destination: Barcelona. Three years ago I decided to leave this place that I love so much, my happy place, and some of my best friends to seek new adventures and happiness in Spain. Exactly 3 years ago I was looking full of hope (and jobless haha) through a planes’s window that brought me to my new home. Somehow I feel like the airports are my second home. They always bring the excitement of something new. 

But as you all know, changes can be scary. Even though I was experienced with moving to new places (from Bucharest to Copenhagen, from Copenhagen to London and back), the first steps are always the most difficult. It was a risk I assumed and luckily for me it paid off. I found what I was looking for: happiness, love and a job that allowed me to do what I crave the most: travel the world. I am happy with my personal and professional development as well as with all the amazing trips I had all over the world. 

But enough with the nostalgia. This page will not be about this. AlexD World will be about my travels, my experiences, food, about how I view things (don’t worry, I won’t go political) recommendations and so much more. I’m investing almost all my income in my trips and I want to share more than just some Instagram pictures with people from all over the world. Who knows, maybe it will help, inspire or motivate somebody. So far I visited 39 countries, so I think I have some experience to bore you with yet another travel blog. I hope it will not be the case. 

I want this article to be like an intro to my world of travels. Just to know what to expect. You can love it or hate it – just like Marmite 😅.

I’m writing this today, as I feel this date is the past, the present and a good day to look at the future with different eyes and big dreams. And I want this page to be a part of the future. I couldn’t find a more suitable place from where to post this, than the Copenhagen airport.

As I’m carrying on with this article I’m ready to board on a plane back home after an amazing short trip back my lovely Copenhagen. (This will be my first official article that I will post soon here)

This being said, guess Welcome to you all!! 


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