Copenhagen – a bit more than the Little Mermaid

As you probably realized from my first article, Copenhagen has a very special place in my heart. I lived here for 5 and 1/2 years (nope, I don’t speak Danish) during my studies and a bit after. It’s the place that shaped my adult life and who I am today (very grateful for this 😃). Since I moved to Barcelona, I travel here as often as possible to visit my friends and the city itself. It feels homey and welcoming and I love the feeling I have being here.

This time however, most of my friends were out of town/country or working late, therefore I had lots of time on my hands to explore.

Therefore I decided to take a walk down the memory lane and go to the places that I visited in 2010, when I first moved here. Here’s a short list with what I managed to see during this long weekend. I also added some personal tips for a better experience. I definitely recommend everybody to visit Copenhagen.


Since The Little Mermaid (she’s actually disappointingly small and far away 🙄) was enjoying herself in Shanghai at a world exhibition in 2010, my first stop in Denmark was Nyhavn. It is also known as  the New Harbor with the lovely colorful houses. I can’t describe what’s special about this place, but it hooked me up for life. It became my favorite spot in the entire world.

I come here every time I’m in town. I like to sit by the canal with a beer and watch the people walk by, the boats full of tourists coming and going and just listen to the buzz around. Everything is charming: from the loud groups of Chinese tourists to the aspiring street musicians,. They are all part of the experience.

I have so many good memories in this place, with so many friends. Not to mention I always take a new picture with every visit, despite my Instagram  being full of this already 😅. Just so you can imagine how much I love this place, I’ve came here 3 times in 5 days during this short stay. Llike I said, had lots of ME time.

Tip: If you visit, try to avoid the overprices restaurants and terraces that are full tourists traps. Buy yourself a drink in advance and just enjoy it by the canal.

Random pizzeria

The second place is a bit different. It’s a simple take away Italian pizzeria named Pizza Huset. To be fair, I don’t know how popular it is. But I remember I ate here once, after a night out, close to sunrise. Those were the days…sigh. Back then, it was to kill my hangover, now it was just for hunger. Since you can’t eat inside, I decided to be very Danish and go and eat in the park.

Kongens Have

This is my third spot-aka King’s garden. Here I enjoyed my pizza in the sun breathing the fresh air. You will be shocked by how clean the air is in Copenhagen. I removed my shoes and walked with my pizza to a shadowish place. I never taught I will hide from the sun in Copenhagen, but man, it was hot that day!! It was the time to relax and do nothing for almost 2,5hours. That peace and tranquility is just contagious.

Tip: The park is super central and easy to access from different points of interest (Nørreport st or Kongens Nytorv st). You will fall in love with this green spot. It’s not only a park, but the summer castle’s garden so go and explore, maybe even visit the castle. In the summer is the perfect place to work on that tan, have a picnic or simply just lay on the grass and relax alone or with friends.


Another place that I never miss is Strøget, aka one of the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe. Here you can find everything from high end brands, regular ones, to souvenirs or Danish design. Even though I don’t go there to shop, this street is full of places that bring back a tone of memories. It has from beautiful buildings, fountains, cafes (cafe Norden!!) and hotdog stands (Dopp 😍) to the shoe shop that was my first job ever.

The brand is not in Denmark anymore, but I always stop in front of the windows and see myself there a few years back. I was running up and down with shoe boxes helping crazy tourists. Though I don’t miss working in the shop (retail can be a bitch), because of it I met some of my best friends for which I will be forever grateful.

Tip: Strøget is in between Nyhavn (the harbor with colorful houses I mentioned above) and the City Hall square (Råduspladsen) that leads to Tivoli Gardens (second oldest amusement park in the world – I will not cover it in this post). No matter where you want to start your stroll (this is actually how you pronounce Strøget – Danish can be weird), you can always combine it with other points of interest. To be fair, Copenhagen is so walkable that you can do more than half of the city in 1 day.

Street Food mania

Street food, street food and more street food. It’s here in Copenhagen where I discovered and fell in love with the concept. And it looks like it’s blooming in this Scandinavian capital. Back in the day it used to be Paper Island (Papirøen -RIP). After it was finally connected to Nyhavn through a new fancy bridge, the old abandoned hall that was home of the street food trucks was shut down. The  food, bars and the amazing vibes moved to different locations like Reffen, Bolton’s street court and Tivoli food court.

I managed to visit all off them during this stay, but I will only talk about Reffen as it’s my favorite. The food is from all over the world and can’t describe how appealing it looks. It takes forever to pick a stand and wait in line to order. I think it’s the concept that makes you want everything at once (and become fat 🙄). Me and my friend went for Indian and it was freaking amazing. We got some chicken tandoori with naan on the side, washed out with some Apperol Spritz. I know, it’s not the best combination ever. However, somebody walked with one in front of me and couldn’t say no after.

It seems that everybody is having a good time here. There is music, cosy lights, a fake wanna be beach with sand, small fire place and amazing summer vibes.

Tip: other than tasting all the amazing food from all over the world, try to come here before the sunset. I believe it makes the place magical and gives an amazing experience.

The only downside of Reffen is the fact that is an open space, not very cold and rainy proof (and guess what, we’re talking about Copenhagen here) and can be best enjoyed during the summer. But have no fear, as Bolton’s and Tivoli have indoor sitting so your street cravings are all covered during the least sunny days (about 10 months 😅)


With this being said, I think I covered the places I visited during this short stay in Copenhagen. I was blessed with an amazing weather (still can’t believe it) which made me enjoy everything to the fullest. This amazing city is full of hidden gems and hygge (you better know what this is!!) and has something to offer for every taste. I only wrote about the few ones that I visited now, but if you want to know about other place, activity or anything else, do let me know.

Tip: if you have the chance to visit Copenhagen, do not hesitate to do it. You will fall in love instantly with this Scandinavian cosy capital!

PS. Coming back here in September. Told you I can’t stay away from this city 😍.

Until the next time.



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