Barcelona: more than a touristic destination

I don’t think I ever met someone who doesn’t love Barcelona. I mean, what’s not to like here? It’s one of those cities who has it all: from culture to nightlife, from mountains to the sea, beautiful people and something to do from dawn till dusk. I guess it’s just a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that you easily fall in love with for different reasons. Aaand I fell in its trap as well.

Little did I know in the summer of 2010 when I first visited Barcelona, all by myself when I was 19 yo, that I will end up living here 6 years later. As you probably know from my first post, I’ve been calling this lovely city home for more than 3 years now. Of course, visiting and living in a city are totally different experiences (I’m talking about you, London!!). But to be fair, life in Barcelona feels like a constant vacation. Everybody is so relaxed and takes things very easily (which of course drives me crazy- especially the employees in the public sector), probably due to the warm weather…or maybe it’s just the way things go here in the South.

Anyway, since I already had a post about Copenhagen, it only felt natural to write about Barcelona next. Tho’ I had to squeeze my brains out for some inspiration. Therefore I wanted to make a short list with the small things I love about this city. I don’t want to go into the touristy stuff. Probably everybody either saw them live or read about them on the 10000 articles already posted on different blogs.

This being said, here is Barcelona through eyes, a list in totally random order.

Always something happening

No matter the season, the week, or the day, there’s always a fiesta in a barrio, a food/music/film festival going on somewhere, something random to do, to keep you busy. It’s hard to be bored here, but I can give you advice on how to do it as well haha 😀

Open-minded city 

Everybody is welcomed here. You can be yourself from all points of view and nobody will care. You can dress eccentric, have a crazy haircut or walk a raccoon on a leash and people will not judge. Or maybe the old ladies from the safety of their balconies. Diversity is celebrated here in all its forms and I absolutely love it.

A bit of everything for every taste

There is art and fashion (check small artisan shops in el Born with clothes and accessories designed here) , museums and parks (the Bunkers for the best panoramic view over the city to feed your Instagram madness), beautiful and original architecture at every step (hey there, Gaudi) and amazing local and international cuisine (you have to try all the delicious tapas and pinchos to know what I’m talking about). Say no more, this city has it all.

Expat community

I really love the multicultural environment present here. It allowed me to meet and work with people from all over the world, learn so much and create strong bonds. I’m very grateful for this. I don’t have that many Spanish friends, but the rest are like a small family.

Beach time

Do you remember that constant vacation feeling? Imagine being able to go to the beach every day after work for 4 months during the summer + weekends!! Before moving here, Madrid was also considered, as I believed there were more job opportunities…but hey, better be unemployed on a sunny beach (luckily it was not the case) than melting in the oven called Madrid during the summer. The beach also altered my vacations as I prefer to stay here all summer long and travel during the “cold period” in Barcelona


I learned to recycle in Denmark and I started to apply it as much as possible. Here it became a lifestyle. The city is very dedicated to the cause and facilitates the process with containers and recycling points at every corner. I have 5 different containers in my kitchen for different materials and I’m committed to reducing plastic and waste in general. It might seem small, but this is really one of my favorite things about Barcelona. Go green!!

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. I’m pretty sure everybody who lives here shares more or less the same thoughts about this amazing place. I would actually love to hear more about what you like about this city. As for those who don’t live here or consider visiting/moving, I hope I gave you a few more reasons why you should, others than the touristic spots.

Until the next time.



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